Welcome to Larry Mabile surfboards website, surfer and shaper from San Diego – California.


Larry Mabile American legendary shaper, also called “Larmo” grew up in Pacific Beach, California where he spent most of his time on skateboarding and surfing at St. Law and The Point. After a stint as captain of a trawler, he began to work in the surf industry at GORDON & SMITH with Skip Frye like colleague from 1979.

He then worked from 1990 to 2000 as a shaper for XANADU surfboards, then worked on the label KANE GARDEN, before creating his own company – Exotic Third World Surfboards – with Phin Spenser.

Shaper affecting the SWIFT movement, he continues its search for performance by changing fishs models adding more driving and energy. Larry will give you the shape “by hand” ideal of your surfboard for the small to big surf.

– Larry Mabile

Larry Mabile is at the UWL workshop to built some surfboards in August 2018.
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