There's an underground movement going in southern California right now...
the trend leans toward very short, wide, voluminous boards with design elements inspired by Bob Simmons. This version for me, is a more refined take on the mini-simmons. I have evened out the bottom curve, moved the foam from the nose to the chest, adding a step deck.
I also added the option of no-bump, single-bump, or double-bumps to pull in the tail, gaining more control. The Quad fin set-up was chosen after mucho hours of Baja testing, making the Ghostbuster Quad loose and positive with lots of snap. On the bottom I added displacement hull in the front third leading to concave through the tail. Scary good time...
Dimensions types : 5┤0┤┤ X 22┤┤ X 2.5┤┤
5┤2┤┤ X 22.2┤┤ X 2.5┤┤
5┤6┤┤ X 22.2┤┤ X 2.5┤┤
6┤0┤┤ X 22.5┤┤ X 2.7┤┤
6┤6┤┤ X 23┤┤ X 3┤┤

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